Lucky Newt Games

Will you collect all the ingredients to make a magic brew before the other apprentices do?
A very simple game about passing the time before the ball drops.
When presents fall out of Santa's sleigh, can you avoid Krampus's pranks well enough to gather them back?
Can you navigate spooky shadows and scary noises to make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night?
Caught in a wild fire, can you navigate your way out?
Can you cooperate just enough with the other elves to figure out which tags belong to which present?
Collections of different holiday-themed items for Pathfinder, though can be incorporated into any TTRPG.
A very simple game about sharing the holiday cheer!
A very simple game for conventions and large gatherings!
Can Santa's Helpers keep things flowing smoothly and save Christmas?
A group of friends learn they have all been to Seattle. What sort of stories will they share?
Help your superhero keep the trust of the people, for the good of all!
Have you ever wanted to go to the North Pole? Now you and your friends can share stories of your misadventures!
Will you keep your holiday spirits high enough to keep Krampus from taking you away on the night before Christmas?
A complete explanation for the 3d6D system, or 3d6Diversify.
After years of war, will the things you learn encourage you towards peace or more violence?
What would you do with a superpower that's limited by 5 seconds?
A game for young adventurers to get active while catching and helping a cranky dragon.

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