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The evil Grim Craft has risen in power and now threatens your quiet town, several miles away from the nearest help. What can you and your friends do in the face of such terror when you have no magic of your own? Make a pact with magical creatures and use their power, of course!

Capricious Creatures is a fantasy/adventure TTRPG for 2+ players. It can be used as a standalone game or as a supplement to most any fantasy or adventure game. The three pages will take you through character creation, from Pact Creature through Background, and includes advice and tips for the Pact Master, or PM.

It uses the Diversified system to balance out how well creatures perform against how often they can be used. The players and PM agree to the tone ahead of time, and can range from discovering why everyone’s left sock have gone missing to intense battles with minions before facing the final boss.

  • Recommended: 2-6 players; age 5+
  • Materials: Three 6-sided dice per player and something to write with and on. Optional: Character sheets to write on, instead.
  • About: Will you and your friends be able to save your village with nothing more than the capricious creatures you each made a pact with? A Diversifed Fantasy/Adventure TTRPG.

An updated version with a tweak to the roll table and character sheets have been added. Also added is an Accessible version in size 14 Lexend font and more spacing for ease of reading.

Special thanks to R. Boggs of Warped Board Games for the awesome artwork.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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