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  • Recommended: 2 player; age 5+
  • Materials: A deck of playing cards (9s-Ks and Jokers removed) and two 8-sided dice. Optional: Two 6-sided dice if 8-sided dice can't be found. Just remove all 7s and 8s as well.
  • About: A competitive asymmetrical game about helping a friend and learning to let go.

It’s common to struggle with spring cleaning, but it always feels better to have a fresh start for the new year! You can even offer to help a friend out with it, especially if they’re having a hard time because they haven’t quite gotten past a bad relationship.

Okay, maybe this will be more challenging than you thought….

Mission: Spring Cleaning is the first asymmetrical game in our line of Mission Games. Built for two players, all you need is a deck of playing cards and two 8-sided die, one for each player. The cards represent different items while the dice represent each person’s effort.

Screenshots will be up in a few days.

Special thanks to Warpedboard for all the play testing and suggestions.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorLucky Newt Games
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsCasual, Dice, mission-game, Multiplayer, Short


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Mission: Spring Cleaning is a two player, competitive, card-based spring cleaning game about getting rid of things after a breakup.

The PDF is 2 pages, with slightly cluttered but very readable layout.

Gameplay-wise, the two players dice off for different objects. Each object is represented by a card, and one player is trying to keep stuff while the other is trying to throw it away.

There isn't too much strategy here, but it's quick to play and the game has a solid sense of narrative.

Theoretically, if you're super daring, you could play this with your actual possessions, but that kind of turns the exercise into high-stakes konmari roulette.

Definitely pick this up if you're looking for something casual, cozy, and can be played without having to focus on it.