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Put on the war-worn boots of someone who fought in a war and is starting the journey home. Will physical aches and pains slow you down? Will you find things to remind you that life can be wonderful if you let it? Will you even make it home? If you're lucky, you'll get the chance to use the Keepsakes you were gifted during the war to help you.

  • Recommended: 1 player; age 12+
  • Materials: A standard deck of playing cards (Jokers removed) and a 12-sided die. Optional: Something to write with and on.
  • About: Walk in the war-worn boots of a weary soldier as they make the long journey home. A solitaire game that can be extended into a storytelling game, depending on how much you want to get into it.
  • System: The system is based on Malfunction by Junk Food Games.
  • Content Warning: Mentions of war and how miserable it is. Mentions of physical and mental injuries.

Journey's Shuffle is a solitaire card game that can take as little or as much work as you want to put into it. Inspired by the TTRPG Shuffle Jam in the LNG server and the playlist linked below, this is not your average Lucky Newt Game. 

We do plan on releasing a more family-friendly version, most likely using toy soldiers or something entirely different. While we could have done so from the start, we felt strongly about the music that inspired this game and didn't want to compromise its message. We'll be sure to message people who have downloaded this game to let them know when the family-friendly version is released, so please keep an eye open for that.

Thank you to Aratlon for this amazing playlist and to Whimsy Machine for running this incredible game jam in the LNJ server.

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AuthorLucky Newt Games
GenreCard Game
TagsCasual, Dice, GM-Less, journaling, Magic, Short, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, War


Get this game and 61 more for $0.00 USD
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