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  • Recommended: 1+ players, age 4+
  • Materials: One 6-sided die. Optional: Five more 6-sided dice, something to write with and on, and one warm beverage per player.
  • About: Roll dice to help build a story of holiday adventuring fun! Storytelling prompt-based game that can be used for journaling or Q and A.

It's the holiday season, and your adventurer is between quests. The promising warmth of a lit hearth and welcoming comradery calls them to the local tavern where tales of befriending singing snowmen and training a marching penguin will be shared over hot cocoa. What sort of stories will your adventurer share, and will they be good enough to earn a free drink in the process?

Holiday Respite is a game for 1+ players. All it requires is some six-sided dice and something to record with (hot beverages as time keepers are optional). Six tables with six prompts each offer a ton of cool possibilities. The prompts include what the quest was, what your adventurer was dealing with, and how they might wind up feeling about it. Expand the story where you see fit, and other adventurers will ask questions for further details.

As a solo game, Holiday Respite can act as a tool for truly fun tales to keep to yourself or share with your friends at a later date.

Included is:

  • The full-color document
  • The printer-friendly document
  • The Accessible document (Lexend size 15 font)

Inspired by So You're in a Tavern by Live Real Press and a conversation that also led to Downtime by Aaron Goss, we hope this holiday-inspired game will lead to many fun stories ahead.

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AuthorLucky Newt Games
TagsCasual, Christmas, Dice, Fantasy, GM-Less, Indie, Multiplayer, Short, Singleplayer, storygame


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Fantastic game!  It was awesome getting to play this during the Bear Hugs charity stream, and it is a wonderful excuse to have some hot cocoa. 

I did a review on TTRPGkids here where I cover more, but, in short, this is a fun one that's also not a ton of pressure and works with kids too.