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You caught a special butterfly that only you can see
It will stay and read with you and flutter merrily
It's nourished by your excitement and creativity
Guess its name and it will stay with you happily

Bookish Butterfly is a bookmark micro-game created to encourage players young and old alike to read. Using names in books, players cross off letters that the names start with. When they're left with one letter that hasn't been crossed off, the name they find for that letter is the name of their butterfly. After players are done reading, the game can be used to keep their place in their books.

Includes two full colored versions of the following:

  • A single double-sided bookmark to print for just one person.
  • A bookmark you can fold and glue/tape to keep from having to deal with double-sided things.
  • A sheet of 4 of each style to print out for friends.

Printer friendly versions and screenshots are on the way. 


Get this game and 148 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Bookish Butterfly Singles 2 MB
Bookish Butterfly v1 Foldable Bookmark 1 MB
Bookish Butterfly v2 Foldable Bookmark 904 kB
Bookish Butterfly v1 Sheet of 4 5 MB
Bookish Butterfly v2 Sheet of 4 3 MB

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