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You lie in bed, waiting for Christmas morning. Every hour, Krampus comes for you. You're prepared with a few items to keep your spirits up though. You even know how to banish Krampus, if you can just keep your Holiday Cheer.

Little Krampus Comes at Night is a solo dice-rolling game that puts players against the infamous Krampus with a simple roll of the dice. There's the chance to either defeat Krampus with holiday cheer or outlast him after 12 hours (or rounds). You can gain an edge by using up one of your special items, but be careful because you only have so many to spare!

The game takes 3d6 and 1d8 to play and includes the following:

  • A PDF of the solo version, written as a straight-forward and printable document.
  • Bookmark versions of the solo game, including as a single print front and back, foldable print, and a sheet of four front and back. Full color and more printer friendly versions of each are available.
  • A business card version of the solo game, both full color and printer friendly.
  • A new "Table Version" to allow for multiple players. Just fold the instructions along the dotted line to have it propped up for all to see. Complete with a sheet of Item Lists so each player can have their own.

A new version of Krampus Comes at Night, which is a hack of The Bear Comes at Night by Frosidon, Little Krampus Comes at Night is certain to be less frustrating to play and the perfect game while waiting for dinner to cook.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorLucky Newt Games
TagsChristmas, Dice, Family Friendly, Fast-Paced, GM-Less, Multiplayer, Short, Singleplayer


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Little Krampus Document 93 kB
Little Krampus Single Bookmark 385 kB
Little Krampus Single Bookmark - PFV 449 kB
Little Krampus Foldable Bookmark 472 kB
Little Krampus Foldable Bookmark - PFV 616 kB
Little Krampus Bookmark Sheet 1 MB
Little Krampus Bookmark Sheet - PFV 2 MB
Little Krampus Business Card 288 kB
Little Krampus Business Card - PFV 326 kB
Little Krampus Table Version
Little Krampus Table Version Item List Sheet 1 MB

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Tested this out solo and I'm excited to introduce it to the kids at our Christmas gathering; I think it's just the right amount of fun and spooky for their age group!

Just a question--is "Holiday Cheer" a stat/mechanic in any meaningful way? Was just curious because on the Krampus table, 4 refers to a holiday memory bringing back cheer and removing a mark, but 5 says "you can't keep your holiday cheer strong and won't hear sleigh bells this hour"--wasn't sure how to interpret the latter as a consequence :O

Thank you for playing, and I hope the kids really enjoy it!

Apologies for the confusion. The Holiday Cheer is just to explain why the mark would be removed if you already rolled a 1, and to explain why you wouldn't roll the d8 to see if you hear sleigh bells. Nothing extra, though that could be a fun thing to consider.