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You are participating in a new study by L&G Inc. Though the compensation isn’t very good, they could be the key to your dream of having superpowers. After weeks of pokes and prods, and far more mental and physical tests than should be legal, you are one of the few whose power awakens! The catch? 

You're stuck in this facility with a few powered individuals until you learn how to work together as a team of superheroes. Oh yeah, and everyone's power- including yours- is limited by 5 seconds in some way.

So why go through all this?

Because someone mentioned there would be a portal at the end of this training that could take your group anywhere, anytime. And did you catch the part about being a superhero?

5 Second Rule is a superhero game that uses the Diversified system. It includes a Power Pool to encourage a balance between how often superhuman powers are used vs potential consequences. Will you and your teammates be able to learn the boundaries of your powers and how to work together well enough to get through the training facility? What awaits you once you do?

There is now a module for 5 Second Rule by Mitchell Daily, called Wild Tide! It's a well-written ton of fun meant to take place right after training, and can be built upon for further adventures.

Steph C. of TTRPGkids recently wrote this incredible review for 5 Second Rule in Tiny Tome. "5 Second Rule was a lot of fun, easy to track, and encouraged a lot of teamwork and creative problem solving!  It’s a great game for adults or kids to pick up quickly, and I hope you can check it out!"

Originally created for One Page RPG Jam 2021, character sheets have been added for easier use and a more accessible version is now included using size 14 Lexend font and more spacing for easier reading.

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AuthorLucky Newt Games
GenreAction, Strategy
TagsCo-op, Dice, Magical Realism, Multiplayer, My First Game Jam, Superhero, Superpowers, Team-Based
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How many people is this game recommended for? Thanks :)

3-6 players are recommended. Thank you for your interest! I'll update the information next time I'm on my laptop to include that.


Hello! Just wanted to share that I've been printing these out and putting it in little free libraries with 3d6! Thanks for creating the game and the creative commons license!

Oh this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing 5 Second Rule!

Keep your eyes open, because we have an update ready for it, releasing in time for Halloween :3 It's not too many changes, but just a small tweak of the rules.


Ooooh! Love that!


So much fun!  The 5-sec limits on the powers drove so much creativity and led to a lot of strategizing and teamwork - great job on making an awesome game!