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Some days go so well that they seem almost magical. Other days can be a struggle just to get through. On those days, maybe a bit of enchantment in the form of tea or another hot drink can help.

Enchanted Blend can be a journaling game or thought exercise, whatever best makes your day magical. All you need are these instructions, your favorite hot drink, and maybe 2 six-sided dice and something to write with and on, depending on how you want to use this. Create the enchanted blend you need and use it throughout your day, or create a new blend every time you need something different.

Just remember that the real magic is inside of you. This is a visualization technique simply meant to make it easier for you to tap into your own inner abilities.

Included are the full color and printer friendly versions for each of the following:

  • The full page that guides you through the thought exercise and visualization.
  • The double-sided single bookmarks that provides a more streamlined version of the thought exercise.
  • The foldable bookmark that doesn't require printing on both sides, only some cutting and taping/gluing.
  • The sheet of four bookmarks so you can print multiples on one sheet.

Inspired by Everyday Enchanter by ✨Beth Jackson. It's an incredible and inspiring game that I cannot recommend enough <3


Get this game and 148 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
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Enchanted Blend 86 kB
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Enchanted Blend Bookmark Single Printer Friendly 488 kB
Enchanted Blend Bookmark Folded 771 kB
Enchanted Blend Bookmark Printer Friendly Folded 720 kB
Enchanted Blend Bookmark Sheet 2 MB
Enchanted Blend Bookmark Printer Friendly Sheet 2 MB

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Enchanted Blend is a cosy solo journaling/ritual game. Through your daily cup of hot drink, you get to add some magic to your life.


This is simple. It's sort of nice and I love that it comes available to print for ease of use. It's a bit like placebo effect to add a boost to your day. Just enough that if you follow the advice given it's enough to help. In the end Lovely content.
Also as a side note. This would be great to play with kids to add a hint of 'enchantment' to a tea party. Even incorporate it into story times or even just to give a loved on a small dose of love after a rough day.