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There are times we have ambivalent feelings towards some of the people in our lives. There are people we might defend until the end, but simply can’t stand to be around. There are people we might love dearly, but simply can’t stand some of the things they have said or done. There are people who might have helped create some of our favorite and most painful memories. Sometimes, this can be most difficult when those people have passed on.

An Ambivalent Road Trip uses visualization and journaling to put different feelings into words and to keep the focus on more positive times.  The visualization keeps you in the driver's seat, so you can pull over for a break or turn the car around at any time. A couple of roll tables help to focus the mind on what to write.

Small Disclaimer
I hope this exercise helps you through your own feelings and find some form of peace. Please note that I am not a professional therapist and this in no way takes the place of therapy. This is simply meant as a tool during more difficult times. If you ever feel like things are becoming too much to work through, please seek the help of a professional.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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