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  • Recommended: 2 players or 2 teams; age 5+
  • Materials: You need the Roll Tables and 47 six-sided dice (47d6). Optional: Instead of just any 47d6, 20d6 of one color, 20d6 of a second color, and 7d6 of a third color. If you have trouble getting so many dice, then a handful of dice and something to write on and with.
  • About: Play as Rooster or Owl and compete to be the first to have extra hours each Cycle by pledging time to help your Feathered Friends. 

Do you know the story of Rooster and Owl?

The proud and boastful Rooster and the quiet and wise Owl are arguing over the hours of a cycle, causing the day and night to occur at all hours! To get them to stop, it's been decided that each would have more hours for their day or night depending on the time of year. But who should get the extra hours first?

Play as Rooster or Owl and accept requests for help from other birds. Take turns pledging your time in the form of dice, then roll to see how well you do while weaving a story of your adventures and antics. But be careful, because if you don't save enough time to help the Sun or Moon, you might get into trouble.

All versions of the game instructions include the fable of Rooster and Owl. You get:

  • Instructions in full watercolor
  • Field Guide in full watercolor that doubles as the Requests Guide
  • Annotated Field Guide in full watercolor with commentary and facts about each bird from Rooster and Owl and can also double as Requests Guide
  • Accessible, printer-friendly version of the game in Lexend size 14 font with commentary and facts about each bird from Rooster and Owl
  • One-page version, front and back, originally created for the One Page TTRPG Jam 2023

This is a Lucky Newt and Friends Production. A very special thank you to R. Boggs of Warped Board Games for helping to bring this game to life. If you enjoy the beautiful illustrations or fun commentary in Field Guide, be sure to check them out. 


Get this game and 60 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
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Rooster and Owl - One Page 73 kB

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