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"I fell into an isekai once."

"What do you mean?"

"I found myself in a whole nother world, years ago."

"Oh! I did too! Did you take care of the cranky dragon deep within a dungeon?"

"No, but I had an audience with royalty at the hot springs!"

I Fell Into an Isekai Once is a storytelling game for one or more players all about trips to a world steeped in fantasy and magic. Using a 12-sided die (or free dice-rolling app) for settings and activities, players take turns sharing stories about their visit, adding in details based on what they roll and questions from other players.

For those playing solo, the prompts can leave you with a fun story to keep to yourself or share with others.

Easy to learn and a fun way to expand the imagination, I Fell Into an Isekai Once is written by a huge fan of the popular anime trope.

Inspired by I Went to Japan, Once by James Lennox-Gordon, I Fell Into an Isekai Once is covered by the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorLucky Newt Games
TagsAnime, Dice, Fantasy, GM-Less, journaling, Multiplayer, party-game, Short, Singleplayer, storygame


Get this game and 178 more for $0.00 USD
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+1 Easter egg Cranky dragon shoutout: check

My favourite encounter is the loveable people teaching you cool tricks on the road. <3