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  • Recommended: 3-6 players; age 5+
  • Materials: A large number of 6-sided dice. Optional: Three six-sided dice and tokens to count with (coins, gummy bears, leaves) or something to write with.
  • About: You might be lost, but at least you and your school friends are lost together. A Slice-of-Life/Forest Adventure TTRPG using a dice pool system.

You find yourself lost in the woods, far away from home. You're not alone, though. Maybe, just maybe, if you and your friends work hard and help each other out, you can be found, or find your own way out, or even make the forest your new home. You might even make some special friends along the way....

Lost together is a d6 pool adventure TTRPG for a GM and 2+ young or young at heart players. Not quite the standard d6 pool mechanic, stats determine the max number of dice that can be rolled, and are combined to create entirely new things. As if that's not enough, a pool of dice is shared by all players, and it will be up to the players to decide how best to make use of them as their characters face different challenges each week.

Safety Tools

Safety tools can be great to make sure everyone has a fun time. Star West's Safety Tool Cards has explanations for 4 Tool Kits that are simple, bold, and easy to use for newer or younger players.

If those don’t work for you, then try Gift of Gabes’ Safety Tools and Wellbeing - A Curated List.

Created for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022, the document is designed to be printed front and back, and folded like an asymmetrical brochure.  Included is the original and the printer friendly version. 

Special thanks to Nadg for collaborating with me and designing the layout and to Newtling Cralls for the questions and comments that inspired a bit more clarification and the character sheet on the back.

And a shout-out to Newtling Mitchell Daily for backing this project! Thanks to you, more community copies were added!


Get this game and 60 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
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I played it now with my kids. One aged four and one nearly six. We all had a blast. I gave them a sheet of paper and they drew everything that they did. We did six weeks in three separate sessions because it was really easy to stop or start. 

I only had 3d6 so keeping track was a tad difficult. I had originally planned on using some sort od counter but I wasn’t able to so I just wrote out a number line and added to it each week and it worked alright. Having an actual pool of d6 would have really helped them understand what was going on though. 

Anyway, highly recommend for play with kids. 


Looks amazing! Am planning to play with my kids next week while we’re out camping. We’re going to draw a map of what we discover and build.

One question for clarification though, what is the intention behind the symbols for the events? Are those meant to guide the number (and type) of tasks needed to resolve the problem? So the beaver damning up the water will require them to deal with the beaver (forest friends) and probably come up with some construction as a comprise or whatever?

I think I’ll run them with the symbols as a guideline like I explained above, just curious what the original intention was. 

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Thank you so much for the interest! I hope you and your kids have a lot of fun!

You nailed it! Even that they're guidelines, not hard rules. We tried to break it up so the different types of rolls have an equal chance to be used, but don't want creativity to be squashed. So if your group happens to find a way to use Resources instead, like luring the beavers downriver so they can build their dam where it doesn't affect your water supply, that's great too. It'll ultimately be up to the GM to decide if it's a good replacement roll.